Anyone Can See CD

Anyone Can See CD


Release March 1, 2019

Anyone Can See, the 6th album from Baltimore Roots-duo The Honey Dewdrops, is a testament to the decade of touring and performing that Laura and Kagey have undergone since their humble beginnings in a small-town Virginia coffeeshop. This album sees the duo return to its roots in putting together a sonic space of their live performance with two voices and two instruments, similar to 2009’s If the Sun Will Shine and 2010’s These Old Roots. At the helm as co-producer, engineer and mixer is Nicholas Sjostrom (who also worked on 2015’s Tangled Country), capturing in detail, the lush vocals and instrumental play that has come to define The Honey Dewdrops’ sound. At its core, Anyone Can See, is a snapshot of living in a time and place where there is a great need to focus on the content of character and integrity and what it means to navigate through very heavy emotions and come out on the other side more human than ever.

  1. More Than You Should Say

  2. Rainy Windows

  3. Welcome to the Club

  4. Going Rate

  5. For One More

  6. Ecola

  7. Still Life

  8. Ramblin’ Man

  9. Easy

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